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New and Exciting The Sealed Deck Project About This site is the online home of Servants of Fortuna (SoF). Our primary aim is to enjoy our gaming experience in a friendly and supportive environment, be that in PvE or PvP. The guild doesn't have a masterplan or over-arching goal, save perhaps to provide a reliable and friendly environment in which each member can enjoy the game. We are a group of like-minded, easy going and mature gamers who enjoy playing together, talking about strategy, discussing builds, and pondering `Life, the Universe and Everything…' SoF itself is split into two sister guilds: Servants of Fortuna and Servants of Fortuna: Victrix (SoF:V). SoF:V is a guild that focuses on competitive PvP, usually in the form of GvG. This competitive sister guild is still considered part of SoF and adheres to the same code of conduct and ideals as SoF. SoF is also a member of a growing alliance. We look for mature, active guilds that would fit well within our community. For information on joining our alliance, click here. History  The guild was founded at the tail end of 2004, when Guild Wars was still in beta phase. During the World Preview Event, most GW players experienced the frustrations of bad pickup groups and mission failure. For the December BWE, the difficulty setting was turned up for beta testing purpose and the average difficulty of low level quests was similar to the current Thunderhead Keep or Sorrow's Furnace, and possibly higher. That particular BWE was every PuG's nightmare as all players were inexperienced. However, in this deadly environment it became easy to tell who was relaxed and friendly, and who was willing to talk about strategy and think before rushing forward. Our three founders (Chiao, Oracle and FrogDevourer) barely knew one another from a GW forum at the beginning of the weekend. However, after two days of successful missions and profitable Drake hunts, they had added one another to their friends list. Each was looking for a guild that would match different and demanding criteria: international, friendly, relaxed, mature, skilled, open to casual players, with diverse people willing to talk about the wealth of strategic content of this newly emerging game, and if possible with a decent name and cape. At that time such guilds were rare, if not impossible to find. So creating their own guild was the most logical solution. Now over one year later, there are nearly 100 Servants of Fortuna and the guild enjoys a very low attrition rate, a high level of activity on the guild forum and the feedback we've had thus far leads us to believe that we have achieved what we set out t

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